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Friday, 12 March 2010 12:52

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with the beautiful Heidi Hanson from ATK Natural and Hairy. Heidi has always been extremely supportive of ATKingdom and even works occassionaly on the production side with us through Wet Dreamz Entertainment. She took some time from her busy schedule to share some of her experiences and thoughts on the industry and her work in ATK Natural and Hairy.



ATK Ray: So how did you get started in the industry?

Heidi Hanson: Well, my best friend and personal photographer D Patrick from Wet Dreamz Entertainment has been a fan of ATK Natural and Hairy for years. I have always had a full bush, and had done mainstream modeling so he asked me if I would ever consider modeling (solo to start) in the adult business, and I said, sure, as long as he photographs me, I would be comfortable with it.. So we did the shoot, the fans of ATKingdom loved it, and more and more shoots for ATKingdom were done! I did not model for anyone else, just ATKingdom exclusively, for the first two years.

ATK Ray: What mainstream modeling did you do before?

Heidi Hanson:
Mostly just being a muse for fashion or advertising photographers, spokesmodel at events, that sort of thing.



ATK Ray:
What were your inital concerns when you started posing for adult?

Heidi Hanson:
As funny as it seems, it was NOT if anyone found out. That part, I really do not care about. In fact, everyone, including family, knows!! It was more of a personal thing, with my slender non-porn body type, that I was shy about. I look like an elf, not like Marilyn Monroe (laughs)!  Because I am Swedish, it runs in our genes to be open sexually, so that is not, and still not a concern.


ATK Ray:
Were you highly sexual before you started performing?

Heidi Hanson:
Oh ya! But probably not as much as some people say they are.. but lets just say it was more than 10 and less than 30! (laughs)

ATK Ray: So it was a natural progression for you?

Heidi Hanson:
In an odd sort of way, yes.. Since I already had model experience, and a hot photographer at my disposal egging me on (laughs) and since I am a nudist (just try keeping clothes on me around the house!) and because all the peeps at ATKingdom have always been so great, yes it was an easy natural transition. Plus, I didn't realize I was such an exhibitionist until after my first shoot! I loved it, and still do!

ATK Ray: How did you come up with your stage name?

Heidi Hanson:
If you think of Swiss Miss, that will help you get an idea!! And part of the names are from reality and some from people I admire.. so there you have it. (Winks)



ATK Ray: What's something surprising about you that most people wouldn't know?

Heidi Hanson:
Ohh thats a hard one. But I am not sure people don't know, because I am so open (to a fault sometimes).. Lets see - I am a total science/biology nerd. I like to investigate quantum physics in my spare time. I maintained a 4.6 grade point average in school and college. I am a total funny nerd, and am actually cast in a comedy show that I can't name yet (it still has to ACTUALLY come out (laughs) on the Cartoon Network! You might find me sporting a funny dance in the grocery store or elevator!

ATK Ray: Wow, the Cartoon Network!!! Congrats! When you think back to your many shoots for ATKingdom is there a moment or moments that stand out?

Heidi Hanson: A few that I always remember, are the first one (I felt like such a nerd but the pictures came out great, so it really helped me be able to be confident to move on) -- and certain outfits of the other shoots for some reason stick out.. mostly the lingerie ones.. I guess I like feeling like Greta Garbo sometimes.. And most recently, the b/g with Tj Cummings, because he's a good person and fun to work with.

ATK Ray:
You also work on the production side with ATKingdom through Wet Dreamz Entertainment. Are there any memorable moments or favorite people you've worked for as a producer?

Heidi Hanson:
Yes, I assist Wet Dreamz Entertainment, with the direction of the models, and the shoot list of what we've got to cover. I am the taskmaster!  For favorite people? I would say Brooke Lee Adams - we've become friends and shot her many times for ATKingdom, Evie Delatosso (also a friend now), and Larin Lane (she was so down to earth, and real!).. All the models are great, we don't shoot them if they have bad attitudes, and I think that shows in the end result.



ATK Ray: How do you handle your personal relationships outside of the industry? How do you tw0 handle the intimacy of the profession?

Heidi Hanson: Well for one thing, neither one of us take it so seriously, OR get involved with it on a personal note. Business is business, and pleasure is pleasure. So we are all business, fun and real on the job. No hanky panky. The models totally appreciate it and always say we are the best people they have shot with in a long time, or sometimes ever! Also, since both of us are so open minded, the fact that someone is posing naked in front of us, doesn't phase us!  Outside the industry, its like porn does not exist.. Its part of our life, but we don't make it our entire life. I think thats where some people in the business, both model or photographer/producers go wrong. Don't get me wrong, I am always looking at girls like a potential model though! (laughs)

ATK Ray:
How long do you plan on performing in the industry? What are some of the goals you'd like to accomplish?

Heidi Hanson: I will perform 1) as long as it stays a positive experience, and 2) as long as people want to see me. Some of the goals I would like to accomplish? I dunno if I have any. The business is so fickle, that once you get your heart set on something, it inevitably gets broken. I think the smarter thing to do, is just enjoy what comes your way, strive for good jobs with good people, and enjoy what you have done thus far (winks) -- the one day at a time method!

ATK Ray: What do you think is the future of the industry ....considering it's recent struggles?

Heidi Hanson:
Well I do not think its going anywhere, but I do think people, if they are going to spend their hard earned money, are going to want more bang for their buck (pun intended).. so those companies hashing out the same old stuff, will have to step it up. I think thats why the featurettes are coming back, and sites like ATKingdom, that give their customers a lot of updates and high quality, will stick around. The crappy ones, well they should be gone anyway!.. I do know that companies that endorse tube sites, suck!  By that, I mean certain companies that have bought them out (porn tube sites, not YouTube) and promote their stuff for free, are retarded. They might be making a buck now, but what about when everyone can get what they want in 30 seconds for free? We all stop producing quality, and within a few months to a year, all the good stuff is gone.     Typical america, though.. quick fix without thought of any aftermath or backlash to those good producers that quit because they could not afford to keep up the good work.




ATK Ray:
I find the personal sex life of performers fascinating...since what they do for a living is what normal people fantasize about... What do you personally fantasize about...when you pretty much do a lot of it in performance?

Heidi Hanson:
Oh there's a lot I haven't tried in performance yet!!! (laughs) I still want to try light bondage (no pain stuff) and maybe an orgy?? There are a lot of roads still untraveled....

ATK Ray: Are there things you do in your personal life you don't do in performance?

Heidi Hanson:
Yes, anal, and creampies. Those will always be reserved for my sweetie, some things you need to keep to your own.

ATK Ray:
I hear that alot and I find it interesting...do you keep those special for your preference or for your partner's?

Heidi Hanson:
For mine, but I do consider the partners' concerns too. If there were something he or she did not want me to do while I was with them, I wouldn't. Personal life always wins over porn life (winks)



ATK Ray: Anything you want to tell your fans?

Heidi Hanson:
Well not much, I think you covered it all! I would like to tell my fans, thanks for the support, and I appreciate you!!

ATK Ray:
Thank you Heidi!

Heidi Hanson:
Sure thing!!  Thanks Ray.. back to the choppin block!



Fans of Heidi Hanson can follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/xxxHeidiHanson Don’t forget to follow ATKingdon on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ATKingdom and become a fan of ATKingdom on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amateur-Teen-Kingdom/255038276158



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written by Advent, March 12, 2010
Heidi you are awesome. Ray thanks for helping us to get to know one of the models better. Keep up the good work.smilies/grin.gif
written by Blackdog, March 18, 2010
Really enjoyed this interview, always wanted to know more about Heidi and now I do without looking like a stalker in the meantime!! smilies/cheesy.gif
written by dyonisius, March 18, 2010
More interviews please

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