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Friday, 23 April 2010 11:27


ATK Ray: Hi Kelly! So nice to finally get the chance to chat with you! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this! So how did you come up with your name I really like it?


Kelly Klass: I love the name Kelly! I wanted a last name with a K and the photographer suggested Klass.... because I'm a classy girl! I loved it.


ATK Ray: How long have you been in the business?


Kelly Klass: 3 months!

ATK Ray: Oh wow! Brand new then!

Kelly Klass: Yes!

ATK Ray: Is it what you expected?

Kelly Klass: Not really, but much better than what I thought...

ATK Ray: In what way...

Kelly Klass: Everyone is nice and welcoming. Companies and directors are very helpful and try to make each shoot great. Every guy I've worked is all I can say!



ATK Ray: That's great! Do you remember your shoot with ATK Petites?


Kelly Klass: Of course

ATK Ray: I know in the interview video the guys were teasing you and you joked back that they were being mean to you...

Kelly Klass: (Laughs) They were making fun of my huge pussy lips!!

ATK Ray: What do you remember most from the shoot?

Kelly Klass: I remember it was the first time I worked with Levi Cash...he is my favorite guy to work with!



ATK Ray: What were you doing before you started modeling?


Kelly Klass: Boring life. Worked a crappy job and dealt with the small town bull shit.


ATK Ray: Oh really? How did you get started in the business?


Kelly Klass: I've always been interested. I got in contact with and shot with them first. Got an agent and continued working. I've always loved porn though.

ATK Ray: Oh so you were a fan first?

Kelly Klass: Yes, I was a huge fan. Moneytalks was a fave of mine.


ATK Ray: Did you consider yourself to have a high sex drive before you started performing?

Kelly Klass: I thought so...but now I know I definitely am.



ATK Ray: Does your family know about your profession.

Kelly Klass: My family knows and aren't supportive.


ATK Ray: What about your close friends?

Kelly Klass: My friends recently found out...some are cool. Some girls are judgemental. Remember, I live in the Bible belt!

ATK Ray: Yeah, ATKingdom used to be based in Florida and the company moved to California to avoid the headache.

Kelly Klass: Cool!


ATK Ray: Where do you live now?

Kelly Klass: I live in Texas. I plan to stay here...and travel to both Florida and LA often to shoot.

ATK Ray: Why do you live in Texas?

Kelly Klass: It's where I grew up. (smiles)

ATK Ray: Are you currently in a relationship right now?

Kelly Klass: Yes!


ATK Ray: How do you two handle the intimacy of your profession?

Kelly Klass: He knows what I do and supports me. We have no jealousy and when I'm home, my focus is on him and our sex life is more than amazing. We also have watched my scenes and he finds a little humor in how real I actuallly am on camera! (Laughs)


ATK Ray: That's great! It's good to have that support system.




ATK Ray: I know you just started but how long do you plan on performing?

Kelly Klass: I plan on performing as long as I can! I'd love to make a name for myself, but also work with some well known names.

ATK Ray: What are some of the goals you'd like to accomplish in the industry before you retire?


Kelly Klass: A major goal is to work with Molly Cavalli, Tanner Mayes, Belladonna, and most of all- Evan Stone.

ATK Ray: Do you consider yourself bisexual? Did you ever play around with girls before you started performing?


Kelly Klass: No, I didn't.



ATK Ray: Have you done girl girl scenes yet?

Kelly Klass: I've done 2 girl girl scenes. I love girls! They know how to please me most. (smiles)

ATK Ray: What was your first adult scene like for you?

Kelly Klass: I was very nervous! I had only been with 2 guys I wasn't sure if I could do it. My first shoot was for RealityKings. I showed up and saw Josh...just to find out later I was shooting with him. I used to love watching him, so nerves were gone and excitement set in!

ATK Ray: you were only with two guys before you started performing?

Kelly Klass: Yes



ATK Ray: Do you think your a better lover know or the same?

Kelly Klass: Same...except I can ride the cock much better!


ATK Ray: What's the longest sex session you've had off camera?


Kelly Klass: 3 hours!


ATK Ray: Wow! How many times did you cum?

Kelly Klass: 5 times... it was the best sex I've ever had.

ATK Ray: I bet! Do you cum on camera for real or is it too hard?

Kelly Klass: Real, but can't squirt on camera...YET.




ATK Ray: Who have been your favorite performers you've worked with on camera?

Kelly Klass: Levi Cash, Mike Stefano.

ATK Ray: What's the most surprising thing about you that your fans wouldn't know?

Kelly Klass: I'd prefer to swallow..I'm a country girl and looovvee it dirty

ATK Ray: Naughty!  Anything you want to say to your fans before we go?

Kelly Klass: Thanks to everyone and request me on your favorite site so you can see me! More scenes coming soon...I hope to meet y'all one day!


ATK Ray: Anything you want to promote?

Kelly Klass: My hardcore scene (coming soon)  on ATK Petites. That's been my favorite scene thus far!

ATK Ray: Thanks again Kelly! Really nice chatting with you.

Kelly Klass: No. Thank you!




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